Why does my body & clothing smell

Why does my body & clothing smell?

Studies comparing the smelliness of different fabrics at the University of Alberta and the University of Ghent, both came to the conclusion that polyester gets much smellier than natural fibres like cotton or wool.

Interestingly, this difference can’t be blamed on sweat, because sweat itself doesn’t smell. Instead, odour is produced when the bacteria that live naturally on our skin feed on a particular kind of oily sweat that comes from places like our armpits and groins.

Prof Andrew McBain and Dr Gavin Humphreys from the University of Manchester found up to 300 different types of bacteria were inhabiting armpits. The most common strains were Staphylococci which are associated with normal body odour, and Corynebacteria producing more unpleasant smells. Not surprisingly, Staphylococci  tend to be more dominant in female armpits, whereas men tend to have more of the stinky Corynebacteria.

Dr Rachel McQueen from the University of Alberta in Canada, studied polyester, cotton and merino textiles and found one of the reasons for their contrasting smells is the different make-up and behaviour of natural and synthetic fibres. An example of this is the way they deal with moisture.

Natural fibres like cotton absorb moisture, including the smelly compounds produced by bacteria, which get trapped inside the fibres where they can’t reach our noses. Synthetic fibres on the other hand, do not absorb moisture. Instead they attract oils. This means that they hang on to the “oily soils” from our sweat which sit on the surface of the fibres, waiting to be guzzled by whatever odour-producing bacteria happen to come along.


Researchers Prof Nico Boon, Dr Chris Callewaert, and their colleagues at the University of Ghent, found that a particularly smelly bacterium called Micrococcus grew in abundance on synthetic fibres, but didn’t on cotton or on skin when they tested cotton and polyester fibres that had been worn for exercise..

So next time you notice some particularly pungent polyester clothing in your gym bag, the culprits are the synthetic fibres themselves which provide the kind of environment in which stinky bacteria can thrive./BBC0816

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