Statement of Ethical Principles

Eumpire of Scents

L’Eumpire du Sentz , El Imperio del Sentido, إمبراطورية العطور  


Empire: supreme authority.

Umpire: adjudicator, arbitrator, judge, moderator, referee….in all matter of scentz

If you need or want eXpert Honest, Reliable & Trusted advice,  We’ll inform you of what you should be aware of.

However, if we don’t yet know, we’ll honestly tell you & surely try to soon find out before getting back to you, as early as we can.

Our products & solutions are certified 100% genuine & natural, with no animal testing or organs parts.

They’re exactly what they say. No essential oils dilutions, mixed with synthetic compounds, as is most often the norm in our part of the world.

What we say is what it is, no tricks! We don’t lie, we don’t cheat or tell half-truths…   Because your natural scent preferences are strictly personal, often unique… just like you! Indeed they reflect, project & radiate your own very individual personality & identity!!!