Health Benefits of Eumpire of Scentz Sandalwood

Health Benefits of Eumpire of Scentz Sandalwood
Sandalwood essential oil is an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antiphlogistic, antispasmodic, astringent, cicatrisant, carminative, diuretic, disinfectant, emollient, expectorant, hypotensive, memory booster, sedative & tonic..
It’s extracted via steam distillation from from mature Sandalwood trees which are at least 15 years old. Usually, the older the tree however, the stronger the aroma.
Indian Sandalwood (Santalum Album) is preferred by the perfume & cosmetic industries for its higher oil density but has been on the verge of extinction in its natural Southern Indian states and is therefore very expensive, hence why its one of the most often adulterated essential oil in Asia. Other varieties such as Hawaiian (Santalum Ellipticum) and Australian Sandalwood (Santalum Spicatum) are also quite expensive. Active constituents of sandalwood essential oil are Beta Santalol, Santyl Acetate and Santalenes.
For centuries, sandalwood has been highly valued in many civilizations and religions, especially in Chinese rituals & Hindu religion, where it is considered holy and indispensable in almost all social, religious rituals and ceremonies. From the birth of an individual until its death, sandalwood is required. It is offered to the various Hindu gods and goddesses, used in decorating babies on their birthdays, used in marriages to decorate brides and bridegrooms, mixed with flowers and other ceremonial offerings, used to embalm bodies and foreheads as a common practice among people of many Indian communities, and also burnt with the pyre when cremating their dead.
Sandalwood oil & paste are used in medicine, skin and beauty treatments plus numerous industrial products including mouth fresheners, edibles, incense sticks, room fresheners, deodorants, perfumes, soaps, lotions, and creams. It has some remarkable medicinal properties explained in greater details here below:
Antiseptic: Sandalwood essential oil is an excellent antiseptic agent to prevent common viruses such as herpes simplex. It is safe for both internal and external uses. When ingested, it helps to protect internal wounds and ulcers from infections. If you have a sore throat, you can also gargle with a cup of water with a few drops of sandalwood oil added. Similarly, when applied to the skin, it reduce inflammation from skin irritation, protects wounds, sores, boils, pimples & warts from developing infections or from becoming septic. Make sure to always test the oil on a small area before applying it directly to the skin or mix it with a base or other essential oils first for greater effect, such as with Bergamot, Black pepper, Geranium, Lavender, Myrrh, Rose, Vetiver and Ylang-Ylang. Unlike other essentail oils which degrade with age, sandalwood oil is reported to actually improve with age, same as good wine!
Anti-aging: High in antioxidants, sandalwood help reduce damage caused by free radicals, which promote aging. Add 5 drops of sandalwood oil to an unscented lotion and apply directly to your face for anti-aging benefits.
Anti-inflammatory: Both sandalwood paste and essential oil are very effective as anti-inflammatory. Having a nice cooling effect, providing relief from all sorts of inflammation in the brain, digestive, nervous, circulatory, and excretory systems that result from infections, fevers, side effects of antibiotics, poisoning, insect bites, or wounds. Sandalwood essential oil is particularly beneficial in cases of nervous and circulatory inflammations.
Antiphlogistic properties provides relief from inflammation resulting from fever and viral infections. Add a few drops to a tissue and inhale to reduce the severity and duration of a cough.
Antispasmodic:Both relaxant and sedative in nature, this oil works great against spasms. It relaxes nerves, muscles and blood vessels, thereby ending spasms and contractions & therefore, effective in treating spasms problems such as cramps, aches, and coughs.
Astringent properties are inducing stimulations of the gums, muscles and skin which are beneficial in terms of strengthening the hold of gums on teeth, strengthening of body muscles, and firming-up of the skin. The astringent action has a great toning effect, and it can also be used for oily skin conditions. It prevents the skin from forming ugly scars and fights dry eczemas.
Cicatrisant: Sandalwood essential oil soothes the skin and helps scars and spots to heal much faster. A very old & tested practice is to use sandalwood paste of as a skin pack & same effect can be obtained from using essential oil. which is now extensively used in skin care soaps, lotions and creams.
Carminative: Being a natural relaxant, it induces relaxation in the intestines and abdominal muscles, thereby facilitating the removal of digestion gases, also preventing excess gases from forming.
Dandruff: Sandalwood conditioner help prevent dandruff.
Deodorant: use sandalwood essential oil as deodorant to relieve body odor.
Diuretic: Another benefit of its relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties is soothing inflammation in the urinary system thereby promoting the easy passage of urine. It also increases the frequency and quantity of urination & has been used for centuries in treating infections and inflammation in the urinary system because it flushes out dangerous toxins in the urine.
Disinfectant properties of sandalwood essential oil explains its wide use in religious ceremonies and cosmetics. Its fragrance keeps away microbes and small insects, which is why it is extensively used in incense sticks, sprays, fumigants and evaporators to disinfect large areas. Moreover it can be mixed with bathing water or other lotions or oils to apply on the skin and wounds to ensure protection from infections & also be safely taken with milk to cure internal infections, such as of the throat, esophagus, stomach, intestines and excretory tracts.
Emollient: Sandalwood Oil treat dry &/or or aging skin problems, soothes the skin, relieving it from inflammation and irritation, cures infections and keeps you feeling fresh and cool.
For dry skin, blend 10 drops of pure sandalwood with 6 drops of geranium and 30ml sweet almond oil and massage into the skin.
Revitalize dehydrated, chapped, sensitive and/or inflamed skin by applying a warm compress to the afflicted area. Adding a few drops of sandalwood to jojoba oil will aid healing of damaged, scarred skin.
Use what your skin responds to best, including sandalwood powder if you feel it’s better.

Endometriosis is a painful condition caused by skin from the uterus growing outside of it. Taking three drops of sandalwood essential oil daily help reduce pain and decrease inflammation.
Expectorant: particularly effective in treating coughs, bronchitis & viral chest infections which initially cause the coughing, cold, flu, mumps, or related illnesses including asthma.
Hypotensive: A very useful property of sandalwood essential oil as can be taken with milk or water to reduce blood pressure in patients suffering from hypertension. Sandalwood paste has the same effect when topically applied to various parts of the body.
Massage: Sandalwood oil is great for cleansing your skin and is a wonderful oil to add to massage and facial oils, bath oils, aftershaves, lotions and creams. Massaging with sandalwood enhances its soothing effects.For great skin care, blend 3 drops of sandalwood with a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil. For a more intense, sensual massage oil, add 2 drops of jasmine or rose essential oil. For small spots it can be used undiluted, but for large areas like over your whole face, or body use a carrier oil, like jojoba or coconut, or together with another moisturizer, like lotion or cream. Use the coconut oil you use for cooking, making sure it is organic, raw & unrefined. Its recommended to use turmeric powder with sandalwood oil, because when they combine are very powerful and effective.
Mental Clarity: Improves memory and stimulates your powers of concentration.That’s why it has long been used for meditation, prayer & other spiritual rituals. It also keeps the brain cool and relaxed from undue stress & anxiety Try inhaling sandalwood oil next time you have a big deadline requiring mental focus yet you still want to remain calm during the process, or apply about 2-4 drops to your ankles or wrists at times of high stress and overwhelm during the day. To inhale the oil if you do not want to apply it directly to your skin, add a few drops into a bowl of steaming hot water, cover your head with a towel and inhale or use a diffuser to allow everybody else in the house to enjoy it too, then add a few drops to your bath water at the end of a long & stressful day.  .
Sedative of inflammation, anxiety, fear, tension, stress, confusion, depression and restlessness resulting in relaxation, calmness, concentration, inner vision, and positive thoughts as noted above.
Sleeping difficulties: Try a few drops on a cotton veil or soaking cotton balls with it and put them in your pillow case for amazing results.
Tonic: A very good health tonic, especially for growing children as can be safely taken by children whereas many other essential oils can’t. Soothing on the stomach/digestive, circulatory and nervous systems as helps these to function in harmony.
Caution: Not recommended to be used raw/undiluted on your skin, if you suffer from severe allergies or are pregnant. Best if mixed with a carrier oil as lotion first to dilute it such as almond, avocado, coconut, jojoba or grapeseed oil. Aside that, there are no reported major side effects to the use of sandalwood oil.
Why MountRomanceMalaya?: Because of its high cost, Sandalwood Essential oil is one of the most often adulterated essential oils in Asia, usually mixed with synthetically produced oils that may smell like but obviously don’t provide any of the real benefits listed above. Last year only 2% of Sandalwood Essential oil sold in Asian shops was genuine, so if the price looks too good to be true it means you’ll only pay for what you get! Therefore be aware that when purchasing sandalwood oil, cheap synthetic imitations are invariably promoted as genuine product. MountRomanceMalaya only import Certified genuine natural Australian & Indian Sandalwood oils, cosmetics, perfumes & essence.

Buy the real product & enjoy its genuine benefits, as an investment into your physical good health & emotional well being!
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