15 pack Greenwood Incense &/or

15 pack Deadwood Incense

Create an uplifting ambience with these natural Sandalwood Incense Sticks (15 pack). Greenwood Incense uses sustainably harvested Sandalwood from Western Australia’s outback, to provide a fresh and vibrant fragrance when burnt.

Deadwood Incense uses naturally fallen sandalwood deadwood collected from Western Australia’s warm desert floor to provide a softer calming fragrance when burnt.

• Chemical free, Perfume free

• Contains only pure Sandalwood, sticky bark and the bamboo stick

• Create a natural Sandalwood scent

 Ingredients: Australian Sandalwood, Sticky Bark, Bamboo

Manufactured by Mount Romance Australia Pty Ltd, 2 Down Road, Albany, Western Australia.

Imported & Distributed by FOKL Sdn Bhd T/as MountRomanceMalaya, 16 Jl Mayang KLCC 50450, Kuala-Lumpur WP, Malaysia

For more Info Please Contact us +603 5567 9363 / 5569 6335   & info@mountromancemalaya.com